2020 Kia Sorento parked in dry grass with blue sky and mountains

What Is the Most Popular Kia SUV?

If you were to step back in time twenty years, you would go back to a time when the craze in cars was still minivans. It was for good reason at that time, lots of people had bigger families with more kids, and needed the space to carry them, the dog, and all their sports or music equipment. Going back to today, the word ‘minivan’ has become a dirty word. Hardly anyone wants them anymore, but the need for larger, family-centric vehicles hasn’t changed. What has changed is people are going to SUVs and Crossovers to scratch the same itch that made people want minivans so long ago.  

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2020 Kia Sportage red profile view driving past green valley

What Kind of Vehicles Does Kia Red Deer Carry?

Kia Red Deer is more than just your standard Kia dealership. With a stock of over 80 new vehicles on most days and about as many pre-owned cars available, you can get almost any car you can think of with the reassurance that every car is carefully reviewed by the trusted staff at Kia Red Deer.  

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